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Electrical & Telecommunications Excellence

ESSI was formed in 2005 to deliver superior results using our unique combination of cutting-edge technology paired with the industry’s premier professionals. By delivering superior services tailored to our commercial and industrial clients’ needs, we have become well-known for our proven record of success in providing effective telecommunications and power system solutions.

We follow industry developments very closely, continually update procedures and add to our knowledge of the best modern electrical and telecommunications techniques. We adhere to rigorous quality assurance guidelines for all projects, big or small, so we can ensure that the ESSI team delivers exceptional quality for our customers, every time.

We do what we say we are going to do, and we don’t stop until the job is done. We focus on integrity in our work and respect for our customers. We are committed to electrical and telecommunications excellence on every project.

We’re in the business of solving problems for our customers. We go the extra mile to deliver a “WOW” experience for clients that creates long-term, mutually beneficial relationships built from a foundation of integrity and respect.

ESSI’s electrical and telecommunications professionals are highly trained and motivated to provide the best service. We take pride in our work, and in knowing that this extra diligence and attention to detail means that our clients’ businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

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Impeccable Customer Service

Finding ways to serve our customers best is at the heart of the ESSI experience. Our goal is to surpass quality expectations to create a complete “WOW” experience for our clients, each and every time we come on site. We are proud to say that most of ESSI’s business has come from repeat clients and referrals from satisfied customers. It is our honor to continue to provide exemplary service for our clients and transition our relationship into a long-term partnership that benefits both parties.

In-Depth Training Programs

Training is an integral part of the way that ESSI does business. As part of ESSI’s professional development program, each week we meet to discuss the real-life scenarios that our team has run across in the field. As a group, we discuss how to properly diagnose and repair issues and determine the root cause of problems so that our solutions continue to work year after year. This active knowledge sharing and analysis allows ESSI professionals to stay at the top of their game and provide better, longer-lasting solutions.

A Passion for Solutions

We are passionate about providing the very best in electrical and telecommunications services and are driven to create solutions that work. We continually update equipment and train our team in the best problem solving and industry techniques. This continual drive for improvement allows ESSI to remain on the cutting edge and provide the best modern solutions to a wide variety of electrical and telecommunications challenges.

Superior Results for Complex Projects

Our customers rely on our highly trained team of experts to get the job done right the first time. In addition to working directly for clients, ESSI is frequently engaged by other electrical and telecommunications contractors who want to outsource a particularly difficult or complex task. It is our pleasure to deliver the best, most robust solutions even in challenging environments.

Helping to Define Excellence in the Electrical Community

Our Founder and President, Duke W. Schamel, P.E., RCDD, LEED AP, is an active member of NFPA, dedicated to setting the standards and best practices for electrical wiring and equipment. Duke is helping to make certain that national standards reflect the best, most modern approaches in the industry. By sharing knowledge and providing his team with the most recent developments and guidelines in the industry, Duke ensures that ESSI continues to push forward to create better, stronger electrical and telecommunications solutions for our clients.

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