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The Future of Electrical & Telecommunications Contracting

We take a modern approach to electrical and telecommunications contracting. We use the best equipment available and continually evolve and develop our understanding of the most recent industry developments and procedures. We aren’t just contractors, we are partners that work with our clients to achieve their business goals. Our clients treat us like rock stars because we always perform work of the highest quality and solve the problems that others can’t.

ESSI provides industry-leading benefits and professional development opportunities to all employees. We work close to home, provide the best equipment, and ensure that all employees are respected and valued. We know that our most important asset is the people who do the work and connect with our customers every day.

Advanced Journeyman Training

At ESSI, training doesn’t stop when you are hired. We provide internal advanced journeyman training every week that is focused on developing the in-depth knowledge that helps our team stand out from the competition. Each week, our project leads, client managers and technicians discuss the situations they encounter on real-world jobsites and share the knowledge and lessons learned so that the entire team benefits from the experience.

Industrial electrical motors

We value all employees and treat both our clients and our staff with integrity & respect.

If you are an experienced electrical or telecommunications professional dedicated to producing work of the highest quality, we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call at 714.847.3774.